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THE WIRE: Searching for Reason

On the night of the power collapse that left Old Town in darkness, Reason Goodwin’s father returned from a day’s work at GAME-corp. with their latest creation, the Dream Theatre– a games machine to eclipse all others – a games machine that would bring dreams to life.

But the power surge severs the link between the dream state and reality, and Reason’s father returns to reality changed. He mutters of a world captured by GAME-corp. called Albia, and of game players from Earth unknowingly crossing between the two worlds via The Wire, their avatars playing out their fantasies and destroying Albia.

Now people are dying as Albia fights back, and it is Reason’s mission to save her father, Albia, and the very future of Earth itself. 

The Wire: Searching for Reason is a sci-fi/fantasy novel published in installments by Ether Books, Smashwords and on Facebook. Please see the following links for more details: 
Twitter: @Someofherparts 
Author Bio:
Natascha Scrivener is a novelist, poet and occasional blogger from Suffolk, England. To date she has written three novels, two collections of poetry (plus a third which is a collaboration of works by three poets) a couple of short stories and a radio play. Details of all of these can be found at:
Excerpt from The Yellow UmbrellaImage
“Depend on the rabbits foot if you will, but remember it didn’t work for the rabbit.”
They arrived on the eve of the carnival, weaving their way amongst the crowds of flushed faces and hovering for the briefest of moments to cast a curious eye across the cacophony of sugar coated confectionary. The littlest one, a girl of about eight who clutched a rabbits paw against her chest, stopped once to glance at the small hand-penned notice I’d pinned to the trunk of the copper birch that stood proud in the centre of the small town despite its sun torched leaves.

‘For Sale’, it read.

‘One pair of shoes, heel trodden, curled up and wrinkled like owners face.
Condition of shoes put down to weight of expectation and over use.
Any price accepted, and can deliver. However near, however far away.’… 


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