Truth, Beauty, Justice (by Jess C Scott / jessINK)

ImageThanks for hosting me today, Hillary!

I read on one of your author bios that you set out to “change the world” by being a lawyer.

I think many people have this desire to change the world, especially those with original views and who want to make this difference via the work they do.

These usually aren’t folks who are primarily motivated to be rich and famous. They often have to truly make it on their own if they want to stay true to their art and/or vision. The latter is more important than winning a pop marketing lottery, where one’s work (or personality/image) is seen as a marketable commercial commodity by large corporations.

I’ve always like the subjects of writing and astrology, because they’ve always guided me with regards to my dreams and ambitions.

The planet Mercury is the sign of communications. I have Mercury in Libra, and I can wholly identify with the following line:

“Creatively, Mercury in Libra is at its best when they fight for their ideals of truth, beauty, and justice (Astrology Unboxed).”

I guess many people who want to make a difference are drawn to writing, where one has the freedom to create the world they wish to see. The most ideal scenario is being able to make a decent living from one’s art (which is an art form in itself—to maintain a balance between art and commerce). That in itself can bring tremendous joy and satisfaction.

To me, one of the “ideals” that I have is inspiring others to favor social/spiritual values over shallow values. This doesn’t mean that I’m trying to convert others to be a deep-thinking philosophical types 24/7 (some amount of fun is always good!). But I don’t think embracing rampant extreme commercialism and materialism are the tickets to happiness either.

What I got really tired of was seeing sex and love/romance being continuously exploited and commoditized by the mainstream mass media. It is my way of “changing the world,” however I can, with stories that are entertaining without being gimmicky or sensationalist, with stories that have some depth to them without being drab.

I’m always glad to meet other writers who share the same outlook, writers who care to spend the time and effort on the actual craft of writing (to create something of quality and that’s memorable, versus something that’s potentially forgettable).

I’m still thinking about some recent comments made by GOP Rep. Bob Morris, on how the Girl Scouts are promoting social agendas one cookie at a time.

One word at a time is how a writer eventually makes a difference. As a writer, it’s something I’m happy to continue being committed to.


Jess is a professional non-conformist with a fresh, youthful world view. She is an author of relationship-based erotic fiction (and other unique projects, including one that features “cyberpunk elven thieves”). She’s cool, supportive, and writes with both intellect and a lot of emotion.

She has most recently co-authored Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships with Matt Posner (Spring 2012). For more info, please visit

Jess can also be found on jessINK, Facebook, and Twitter


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