Are you an entrepreneur or an artist?

  1. Have you ever quit your job without having another one lined up?
    1. No, and I never would
    2. No, but I might
    3. Yes
  2. What is your favorite type of art?
    1. Sculpture
    2. Painting
    3. Music Videos
  3. A friend asks if s/he can borrow your new car. What do you say?
    1. a.  No, everyone knows my no lending policy
    2. b.  Sure!
    3. c.  OK, but be very careful.
  4. Your dream house is:
    1. A nice cottage in a quiet, natural setting.
    2. A loft in Soho
    3. A HUGE mansion.
  5. Does the person with the most toys win?
    1. a.  Probably
    2. b.  No, the happiest person wins
    3. c.  BINGO!

Mostly A’s:  You are a realistic.  You are practical, physical, concrete, hands-on, machine, and tool-oriented.  You should be working outside with plants and animals.

Mostly B’s:   You are an artist.  You are creative, original, independent, chaotic, inventive, media, graphics, and text.  You need to be designing something.

Mostly C’s:  You are enterprising.  You are competitive environments, leadership, persuading, status.  Start your own business because you enjoy taking risks. 


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