I’m mad at God

Yes, I said it.  I’m so angry at the Creator of the Universe I could spit!  This, I realize, is unreasonable, ridiculous, and possible blasphemy on my part.  Yet, I’m mad.  I truly believed that God would answer my prayers.  When people told me that I could ask God for stuff, and He would do it because He loves me, I honestly thought that would happen.  So, what you ask, did I want?  I wanted to be a successful writer.  I wanted it to magically happen.  OK, that might be unreasonable, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not mad.

The Bible states that I should ask, and that then I will receive.  So, I asked, and asked, and asked.  NOTHING.  A big fat zero.  Someone then told me that I was taking it too literally.  God wants good things for us, and he has answered my prayers:  I am in excellent health, I have a fabulous little girl and a wonderful husband, I make plenty of money to live comfortably,  I live in a free country.  I am rich beyond measure in all the ways that matter.  In my heart, I know that is true.  But, can I tell you the truth?  I’m still mad.


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